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Jai-Alai Books is a regional publishing imprint under the umbrella of O, Miami. We are a small, literary press focused on making books that speak to or from Miami, Florida.

Our criteria for books is two-fold: literary quality (highly subjective) + Miami-ness (even more subjective). We publish books in ALL genres: fiction
, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, comics, graphic novel, hybrid, etc.

Here's what you should know in advance of submitting:
  • Jai-Alai only publishes around three titles a year
  • We're a small, independent press with independent distribution
  • Jai-Alai is a labor of love - everyone who works here volunteers his or her time
  • We are rarely able to provide advances or royalties
  • We put more time, energy, and care into each book than the vast majority of publishers
  • We ONLY accept online submissions
  • We read and respond to submissions on a rolling basis. Since we're new to this, we'd rather not hazard a guess as to how long it will take us to get to yours. Feel free to contact us though if you feel like it's been too long. 
Here's what your submission must include:
  • A cover letter that attempts to explain why this book might be right for Jai-Alai & for Miami
  • A short biography of the author(s)
  • 150 word synopsis of the project
  • 2-3 sample pages (actually, this one is optional, but strongly suggested)
All submissions are read and responded to on a rolling basis by the staff.

We regret that we are forced to be highly selective about the projects we take on. Due to volume, we are unable to comment on submissions.
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