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Creative Studios Miami is a tech-supported writing intensive for Miami Writers and Storytellers aged 18-30 who are interested in intergenerational storytelling. With the guidance of mentors and special guests, participants will write and refine works that center on multigenerational narratives rooted in Miami. Participants will then have the opportunity to record their piece for an O, Miami-published audio anthology. The application is open to writers of any genre, including but not limited to essay, poetry, interview, short stories, etc. 

This program is designed as a 3-week intensive running from June 9th - 30th with the goal that each participant will devote sufficient time during the program to create and refine a piece to the point of being publication-ready. The program will support participants in this goal by providing generative writing sessions, guest speaker engagements, exclusive tech sessions, one-on-one coaching, and artist professionalization opportunities. The program will culminate in recording sessions followed by an audiobook launch in late 2023. The audiobook, featuring work generated throughout the program, will be available for free download. 

Last year’s program focused on place-based storytelling. You can read Unfinished Concrete, the resulting audiobook, here.      


  • Writers and storytellers of all levels interested in intergenerational storytelling. 
  • Participants should be comfortable with or willing to try: (1) Writing and sharing in a casual setting (2) Recording your piece in your own voice (3) Having your work published 

Important Dates:

June 9, 2023: Orientation (evening—time tbd)

June 10, 2023: Session 1 10am-3pm 

June 11, 2023: Season 2 10am-3 pm

Week of June 12-16, individual coaching sessions (virtual)

June 17: Session 3 10am-3 pm

June 18 Session 4 10am-3 pm

June 20-23, individual coaching sessions (virtual)

June 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30 individual recording sessions

July 7: Celebration


What kind of writers should apply for this program?

No professional experience is required, though applicants should be prepared and enthusiastic for the fast-paced nature of the program. 

What kind of writing will we be doing? 

The program is open to writers across genres,  including but not limited to: interviews, essays, short stories, poetry, prose-poems, song lyrics—you name it.

How long should my audiobook contribution be?

There is no length requirement for written pieces.

What is the scope of the one on one coaching?

Your coach will mainly support and guide you through editing & serve as a sounding board as you get a more granular picture of the piece you want to create. Plan to come ready with your ideas/themes—coaches will not direct your process nor give you assignments. It will be your responsibility to complete and refine your piece in time for recording.

Will recording sessions be held in person?

Yes. The entirety of this program will happen in person in Miami & remote recording sessions will not be available. Please plan to be in town through recording. The only exception is one-on-one coaching which will be conducted virtually.

Reach out to the O, Miami team with any questions, here.

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